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Here comes 2011

Blogs are supposed to make it easier to publish content on the web. Maybe I am just lazy. More updates to come, I promise.

It’s time to start experimenting with WP again.



Yes, I finally made it there in May and it looks like there is good reason to go back.  Actually, three reasons!  LeBron, DWade and CB4.  While I wait to redeem the mileage, I will catch the troika visit the great Northwest once this coming season.

Will the Heat win the championship in 2011?  It’s possible, but I will still put my money on the Lakers.


Back in 2008

Evidently, my 2009 was uneventful travel-wise.  As a result, I had to skip back to 2008 in order to test this SmugMug gallery integration.  Here’s it is, my trip to the world-famous Cancun, Mexico!


Take it easy

The last time I really hacked away on this site was about three years ago.  Since then it’s been relatively abandoned.  Recently, I’ve been tasked with experimenting different content management systems.  Deploying Joomla! was easier than I ever expected.  I actually have a site running on it for a class project.  I tried deploying Drupal for another experimental project, but ran into few configuration roadblocks for which I simply didn’t have the time to investigate.  The third installment is the rebirth of as a Wordpress site.  It’s amazing what a three-year hiatus will do.  Where is the Easy button?

The Easy Button

Now I am finally in the blogosphere!